An update on test contents and availability

Some news from the Clear Choice Labs:

  1. We are now in the final stages of making salt, TA (Total Alkalinity), and CH (Calcium Hardness) tests available as a part of the Clear Choice Labs range. Salt tests should (couriers willing update 26/11/15: couriers were not willing, these will be available Monday 30th November) be arriving within this week. TA and CH tests should be available by Monday 30th November.
  2. Having all the individual kits assembled, we will also be making a complete test kit available at a discounted price. This kit will be covered by our “No customer left behind policy” – which means if you have already purchased some components of a kit from us, and want to upgrade to the full kit, the cost of what you have already spent will be deducted from the cost of a full kit. Just email for a personalized coupon. Good news if you want to start treating your green pool now!
  3. Within the next few weeks we will start introducing standards (water samples with a known concentration of the thing to be tested) as… errr… standard in our testing kits. First up will be a CYA standard of 50ppm. As one of the hardest tests to master in the kit (but still pretty easy), the inclusion of a standard will give you great confidence that you are doing the tests correctly. Again, all our existing customers will not be left behind. If you have already purchased a kit that we make an improvement to, we will ship you the upgrade free of charge. Update 26/11/15: these should start shipping Monday 30th November as well. Monday will be a big day!

There are more exciting developments happening behind the scenes here – but we can’t share just yet! Please stay tuned for more announcements soon.