We have kits on Amazon Australia

We have been approved for an Amazon Australia storefront and we are listing our products there as well as here, to give you more convenience when it comes to getting our products. No matter whether you like shopping directly with us or prefer the Amazon storefront, you can have the best pool testing kit in Australia from either site!

Clear Choice Labs Amazon Store

We are beginning with listing Total Kits only, however if we get interest we will make more of our stock available on Amazon. Our products will always be available direct from our site as well, and nothing about our back end customer service has changed. But if you’re on Amazon shopping for that perfect birthday present or little something for your house, you will see our amazing products waiting for you.

Our kits are priced the same on Amazon as here, and all reagents/accessories are interchangable as always. If you buy from Amazon and you have questions you are of course welcome and definitely encouraged to email us directly on contact@clearchoicelabs.com.au