Salt kit stock – we have them

This week – August 19-24ish 2020 we may appear to run out of salt reagent on the website but we actually have some. Well, we have some potentially. Well, we have the ingredients.

So the magical lab pixies and I mix magic and fairy dust together to make salt reagents – but I’m literally heading out the door to get ready to travel north for a few days so I don’t have time to make it before I leave. So if the website runs out – it’s just because I don’t like selling things I can’t pack immediately. Rest assured, by the weekend August 22nd 2020 we’ll be in stock of everything again.

It’s still ‘winter’ and we don’t normally go through this much stock, but our customer base has grown significantly so we’re ramping up production to keep up. In part this is why I’m going away for a couple days – I’m in discussions with a very talented chap I know who is helping out with production. More news on that later.

As always send me an email if you have any questions.