About Us

We are a small family owned business run by two scientists who have been making water testing kits for our pool, spa, and aquaponics loving friends for the past few years. We own a pool ourselves, and because we both have a background in chemistry, we were shocked by the amount of misinformation about what it takes to keep a pool sparkling clean. We believe firmly that shops that sell products to treat your pool are not giving you independent advice on what your pool needs. Those so called free tests are costing you hundreds of dollars each year in pool chemicals that are simply not needed.

We’ve taken our love of science, and science communication, and have used that to create very simple, easy to use test kits that you can use to keep your own pool or spa sparkling clean. Truly independent advice.

We have decided to start making kits available to the general public (and not just our friends) but check back soon for some photos of us and our favorite place for a staycation – our own pool.