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Our collection of high quality, fantastic value kits that will have you as the master of pool chemistry in no time.


Everything you need to keep your salt water pool clear and beautiful.


Finally available in QLD, Australia, the FAS-DPD test kit for Chlorine will help ensure your pool is always sparkling and safe. The small size is our low cost entry into great pool maintenance habits.


A complete test kit for fresh water pools. Everything you need in one box.


Water with low calcium can destroy pool surfaces. Use this kit to monitor calcium levels.


You must measure CYA (aka stabilizer/sunscreen) to know how much free chlorine to maintain in your pool. Small size does up to 20 tests.


pH is a critical property to keep those Aussie pools sparkling. Small size does up to 140 tests.


Finally an Australian produced and locally available Salt Detection Test Kit!  


A kit to measure the Total Alkalinity in your Pool or Spa.