Why wouldn't I just get my pool water tested for free at the pool shop?

You certainly could, but how much are your free tests really costing you? If you understand the chemistry behind the tests that the pool shop does, and understand the limitations and interferences that each test has, and are capable of interpreting the test results on your own, then perhaps the only reason not to use the pool shop’s service is the one of convenience. Are they always open when you need to test? Is it quicker to drive and park and queue than it is to do the test yourself at home?

However, if you don’t have that expertise, then consider the value of independent advice. While most pool store owners are well intentioned people who genuinely want to help, they are also trained by the companies whose products they distribute, and may lack the detailed chemical knowledge required for an accurate interpretation. Would you trust the health advice of a doctor, or the sales staff for a pharmaceutical company? Would you trust the financial advice of an accountant, or the sales staff of a bank?

We don’t sell pool chemicals at this store, so we have nothing to gain financially when we recommend what chemicals to add to your pool. When we sell you our kits, we back you with our experience, and teach you how to interpret your own results. Just get in touch with us, and we can give you truly independent advice.

Why don't you ship your kits in plastic waterproof boxes?

There are two main reasons. The first is that we want to reduce our environmental footprint and use renewable products wherever possible. The second, and arguably more important reason is that we don’t want to give you any temptation to mistreat your test kits. Your kits need to be stored inside, in a cool dark place, not out next to the pool filter or in a shed with extreme temperatures.

How long will my kit last?

This depends largely on how you treat your kits (see ‘How can I make my kit last longer’ below), however we guarantee that properly stored kits will be working for at least 12 months after the date of purchase. Many people get much longer shelf lives.


How can I make my kit last longer?

Storage is everything. Unlike most manufacturers, we don’t recommend replacing the reagents every year unless it is necessary to do so. By storing your test kits properly, you can prolong the life of your kits. Here are some tips to help you maximize the life of your kit:

  • Find somewhere cool and dry to store it (in a pantry or linen cupboard is perfect).
  • Don’t store them in the fridge to protect it, the temperature fluctuations from getting them in and out of the fridge will do the kits more harm than if they had just stayed at room temperature.
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight – UV light will degrade your kit.
  • Don’t store the kits with chemicals used to treat the pool.
  • Both air and humidity will degrade the kits. Make sure that the caps are always replaced immediately, and that you don’t accidentally swap them.
Do your reagents use Taylor Technologies chemistry?

Yes, with some caveats.

The chemical reactions that happen in our kits are they same that happen in the Taylor, Lamotte, and other kits. However, each manufacturer uses different sized tubes, and different nozzles on their dropper bottles, and this means that the amount of product required or added at each step may be slightly different. The concentrations of each reagent may therefore adjusted to suit the individual bottles so that the results (eg. free chlorine in ppm) are the same between kits.

This means that you need to exercise some caution when mixing reagents from different manufacturers, and our reagents are no different. For example, while you would get the same results using our reagents as the reagents from Taylor, you may not be able to mix the two in the same bottle as the concentrations are different.

Having said that, many of our reagents can directly interchangeable with the Taylor kits, and all are 100% compatible with the Taylor kits.

We have produced a full chemical compatibility chart for our reagents, so you can make the best decision for your situation.

Do you have a reagent compatibility chart?

Yes – we have a chemical compatibility chart for our reagents, so you can make the best decision on kit refills for your situation.

Do you sell TA/CYA/some other kind of test kits?

Yes! We have just released our full range of kits that have everything you need to keep your pool clean and cyrstal clear.



Where should I do the testing - inside or outside?

Inside, but somewhere with good light. Many tests will simply be easier to see if you’re sitting inside, in which case doing them inside is simply a preference. However tests that rely on turbidity, such as the CYA tests, will give inaccurate results if performed in strong sunlight. Because of this, and the fact that the kits should be stored inside anyway (see above), we recommend that you perform your testing indoors.

Does it matter how I take the sample?

Absolutely. For chlorine samples, you should wait until at least 1 hour after any addition of chlorine. The sample should be taken away from the inlet valves, at a depth of at least 30cm. Basically, just make sure you go into the water up to your elbow, and you’ll be fine. This is particularly important after rain, where fresh water can layer on top of the salty water of pools.

How often should I be testing my pool?

This is a question that has a simple but not satisfying answer – which is that you need to test it as often as required. For our salt-water chlorinator fibreglass pool with automatic pH adjustment, we are only testing once a month or less over summer. If we see something looking a little off with water clarity – we test. During winter, we do not test at all. Other pools, such as vinyl pools using liquid chlorine, may require daily testing. Pools that are fighting an algae infection will need testing multiple times per day. Really, it just depends.


Why should I buy kits from you?

Because we try to make your life easier in a number of different ways. Firstly, we know what we’re talking about – not only are we both highly trained biochemists, but we have a pool ourselves. We too have experienced the frustration and confusion of misleading advice from pool stores. So we try hard to minimize your confusion and frustration:

  • our kits have super clear, easy to follow instructions.
  • we keep information about each batch of kits we make, and regularly test their accuracy, even past their use by date.
  • extended instructions are available online.
  • our service and assistance is second to none – just try us.

Also if we find a better way of doing what we do, and upgrade a kit you’ve just bought, in some cases we send you those upgrades for free. Yes, even after you’ve received the original kit. See below for more information – “I just bought a kit, but you’ve now released a new one – what the?”

Do you ship via regular or express post?

Up until very recently we were shipping all of our orders via regular parcel post. While this served our east coast customers well, our west coast customers were waiting 9-10 days for their order, which was not acceptable to us. To ensure that ALL of our customers get good delivery times, we will now be shipping all orders via express post.

Flat rate shipping costs will remain the same.

Do you ship to New Zealand?


Yes we do! We have just started shipping our kits to New Zealand, check out the Shipping page for more information.

How long until my order arrives?

We aim to post your order on the same or next working day but please allow 2-3 business days during peak times of the year. We use Australia Post to ensure that even the most remote locations of Australia have access to reasonable shipping costs. Estimated times for shipping can be found on Australia Post’s website using this link: http://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/domestic-delivery-times.html

If you haven’t received your order in a timely fashion, please contact us at support@clearchoicelabs.com.au

I need some help with my kit.

No problem. Just call or email us at support@clearchoicelabs.com.au, and we’ll happily lend you a helping hand.

I just bought a kit, but you've now released a new one - what the?

Don’t worry – we have a “no customer left behind” policy. We’re always seeking to improve our kits performance and therefore your customer experience, but that shouldn’t mean that people who get in early miss out on the new things we learn. We promise that if we ever improve a kit that you purchase, those improvements will be available to you totally free of charge (including free shipping).

We will do our best to contact you directly to offer this to you, but if you haven’t heard from us (maybe your contact details have changed?), just get in touch and we’ll organise it from there.


No problem. Ask us a question at support@clearchoicelabs.com.au, and we’ll send you the answer and update this page.