Australian Swimming Pool Kits

Clear Choice Labs was started in response to Australia not having any great Pool Testing Kits. Ordering from overseas was expensive, shipping took forever, and customs would frequently hold up parcels with chemicals in them. But we solved this by starting Clear Choice Labs!

You can buy Clear Choice Total Kits, replacement reagents, and everything else you need to keep your pool looking great. We’re an Australian small business, so we ship everything from right here in Oz. We manufacture and package as much as possible from Australian sources, and give the best customer service in the business.

Try us out for yourself by placing an order online. Free Express shipping with most orders is included. We did say best customer service in the business after all!

With Taylor Technologies dominating the US market, they were the automatic choice for many people. However, Taylor is more and more restricting the supply and export of their chemicals outside the US. Even getting their test kits in Canada is difficult. We are on a mission to make Clear Choice Labs the automatic choice for Australian pool and spa owners, and even for New Zealanders too!

Our customers are the best, and we are so grateful for the support shown to the Labs. Here’s to the best test kits and more time relaxing in the pool!