September…. November 2023 update


November 2023 update!

I’ve been getting such lovely messages from people, and also everyone has been so patient with the delivery delays. I know it sucks, I hate waiting for parcels.

Currently it’s just about to tick over to November 1st, so thought I’d just update this post. My knee is still out of action but it’s overall much much better. My specialist has just told me to do even less for the next couple weeks. Mainly nothing weight bearing. Thankfully I can process orders sitting down. Honestly that’s always been my main requirement for any job :P

So the rolling store closings will continue for a bit unfortunately. I will have orders open every weekend though. I’ll keep it open Monday onwards where I can. If you definitely need stuff, order it Sat/Sundays.

Thank you to everyone for the support, either through email or just by ordering and waiting so patiently. I think I’m going to be calling this my “Sit Down Summer”. Hopefully yours is a swimming summer!

Thanks and thanks again



Hi everyone, thanks for checking in!

Some of the kits are “sold out”, but they’re not really sold out I just can’t keep up with making enough. My knee is still keeping me off my feet (literally I’m in a wheelchair for a few more weeks) and it slows the lab down a lot. I am getting through the orders as quick as I can.

I reckon September will see some slow turnarounds and also a few days here and there of stopping sales until I work through them. No need to worry, I’m here and working on your orders. Just balancing being safe and sensible and also keeping everyone’s pools in great shape!

I have a newfound respect for knees, having already been a big fan of them. I’m now 100% committed to knees, I think everyone who wants them should be able to have at least 2. That’s my political platform and I’ll take it to an election if need be. I may need the microphone lowered a bit though, just until my knee is back online.

As always, email me if you have any questions! Brett@clearchoicelabs etc. Email is always best, and even more so at the moment – if my phone is out of arms reach it can take me some time to turn around to find it!