Everythings not in stock :(

We sold so many kits this week that we’re out of Chlorine reagent already! I thought we’d make it to next week, when our large shipment is due.

We have 100’s of kits worth of Chlorine Titrating Reagent coming from the US – right now they’re on a plane and have “left the US” which is a good sign. ETA at my door is Thursday. Here’s hoping it’s a smooth run through customs.

Sorry for the delays this year – I mean 2020 has been pretty much a mess for everyone, and add in we have to source things from the US which is of course spending October/November in its own extra layers of craziness and disruption – it’s a miracle anything showed up.

So to make up for the delay in some small way, here’s a pic of one of my dogs being uncertain about the fashionable crocheted hat my wife made for him. –Brett