Total Pool Water Testing Kits – Fresh vs Salt

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With the salt kits being delayed at the end of 2016 we’ve had a lot of enquiries about our Total Pool Water Testing kits and whether or not they’re interchangeable. The Fresh water and Salt water kits we have are identical – except one has a salt testing component. If you have a salt water pool you can use the Fresh Water kit straight out of the box to test the common pool maintenance chemical levels.

The Total Pool Water Testing Kit – Fresh Water will test a salt water pool without any changes or special instructions. It will allow you to test pH, Chlorine, CYA, Calcium Hardness and Total Alkalinity. If you already have a method of salt testing this is the ideal way to complement that method.

If you purchase the Total Fresh Water kit now and have a salt water pool, all you’ll need to buy is the Salt Test component when it’s released. This will give you the Total Salt Water kit (and the best way in Australia and NZ to test your pool if we do say it ourselves!)

We will be putting out several loud and excited announcements on our Facebook page and the site here when the Salt Kits are available, so stay tuned!