Temporary Closure (covid19)

Hello everyone, the tough decision to close the labs temporarily has been made, and comes into effect immediately. QLD is entering a lockdown and isolation period and so I’ve set my household up to stay at home for two weeks at least. With other businesses in QLD shutting down for a while, that also makes running the business less practicable.

Watching the scenes overseas it’s very clear to me we all need to stay isolated as much as possible to make it easier on the health system and the staff over the coming weeks and months. Going out to the post office or post box, as well as increasing deliveries and sending couriers out and about for pool kits just didn’t feel right at this time. I apologise for any inconvenience and we will definitely be back as soon as possible.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions let me know. Doubly so if you have product which isn’t performing to your expectations – we will definitely fix that for you anyway we can. The business back end of support etc is still here. You can contact me at [email protected]

Check back into the site or the facebook page to know when trading begins again. I look forward to once again delivering the best kits in Australia to all of my amazing customers!