Covid19 and The Labs

It’s a rough year already for the world, but we’ll get through it by working together.

To answer any concerns about getting our kits, Clear Choice Labs will:
1) Continue shipping until it becomes necessary to halt.
2) Remain in email contact during any lockdown.
3) Definitely be open as soon as possible after any lockdowns.

On a lighter side, I’m sure you’ve had a million emails about covid from businesses you’ve bought from. I’ve personally had emails from EVERY company I’ve ever bought from, looked at, vaguely thought about, or walked past so I am doing this as a blog and facebook post, the thought of adding to the email pile with my own covid email, yikes. Updates will be done here and facebook, so you can find it if you need it. Hopefully we can hunker down through Winter and have something approaching normality return by the time you all need new kits at the end of the year anyway. Stay safe in the meantime.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of some potential issues that may arise over the next 12 months for Clear Choice customers.

1: Delays in shipping – This will be the case in March & April. Some orders may sit in the queue for 2-3 days before they ship.
As the working from home guy I’ve happily taken on a lot of responsibilities in the extended family and friends circle. As you can imagine, these normally don’t take up much time but at the moment it’s constant as I’m very worried about people staying isolated and healthy.

2: Reagent shortages – I’ve stocked up over summer and we’ve still got reagents. Some things are primarily US sourced and so they may become difficult to get in a timely manner. Will update the blog if there’s serious problems ahead.

3: Price Increases – I don’t want to and I know no one has spare money. But the reality is the Aussie dollar has tanked, the US economy has tanked, and those two combine to drive up the cost of my supply chain. I’ll minimise it as much as possible and we’ll bring it back down as and when we can. The markets always recover, it’s just a matter of when.

4: Packaging and minor changes. I might have to source different bottles or boxes on short notice if suppliers go out of business. We try to have standard setups but if there’s a different bottle with a label on it that’s the wrong dimensions, bear with us :D Also we’ve been moving to supporting Australian businesses more and more over the last 18 months, this will continue especially now as they need the money even more so. Sometimes this will mean things will look different, but they’ll always work the same way!

Lots of uncertainty out there at the moment, and it’s a difficult time for everyone. I’ve had nothing but amazing responses from customers during delays that have happened as this unfolds in Australia. Thanks so much for being super awesome people.

Stay safe and wash your hands, or as someone put it in a speech recently “Stay home on the couch, watch Netflix, and save the world”. Never been easier to be a hero LOL :D