October first week shipping ‘delays’

October is almost upon us! The weather warms up in earnest, the pool looks even more inviting, and I spend time decorating the front yard with halloween goodies. Except this year, as we are moving house in the first week of October!

Mainly the news is that there will be some delays in shipping because I literally have to pack the home office and then set it up at the new house. This means I won’t be able to print address labels or really use my computer for a few days while it’s all moved and setup.

Due to moving and a public holiday in Brisbane etc, here’s some deadlines.

Order before end of Saturday 2nd October – It’ll get posted October 6th.

Order anything from the 3rd to 10th of October and it’ll get posted October 11th.

Basically, the first week is even more chaos than normal around here so if you’re in desperate need of reagents don’t wait. Get your orders in now and help distract me from having to pack all my things into boxes, by letting me pack your things into boxes!

Hope this isn’t inconvenient for anyone, I know my customers are exceedingly awesome and not just because you’re my customers.