Assistant Kneeded

Update 31/7/23 – I’ve got a bunch of orders in the system. They’ll get mailed out this week. I’ve stopped new purchases briefly to make sure I can keep up.

Even with everything setup it’ll take me a little while to get them all packed. I’m literally in a wheelchair and my lab/shop space is not wheelchair friendly so it takes so much longer to get everything done. Thankfully I don’t have anything else to do since I can’t do anything else. But I’ve temporary shut the orders off until I know I can keep up. I have human helpers but they’re very busy themselves, and I have dog helpers but they’re useless. Cute, but useless :P

I’ve had all the tests, specialists, and magic fairies look at my knee and it’s one of those “stay off it for 6 weeks and it should get better” deals. So I reckon summer will be good to go, fingers crossed. If not I’ll have built better systems by then if this knee continues playing up.

As for lab orders at the moment. I’ll open the store for orders from Friday til Monday, until I get the hang of running everything from a chair and crutches. Most of our orders come in on weekends so this shouldn’t inconvenience too many people. Email me and I can let you know when the store is opening if you like.

Hi gang, I’ve hurt my knee so I can’t run the Lab for a little bit. Can’t even walk the Lab let alone run it!

I’m taking refuge in my terrible puns as you can tell. They always cheer me up. It’s my friends you should really feel sorry for but that’s nothing new ;)

There’s a couple orders in the system I’ll get those done this weekend. By next week I should have had even more people look at my knee and I’ll have a better indication of how much lab work I can get done.

Hope everyone is having a good time out there and say hi to your knees for me!