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Refill of reagent 3 from the Salt Detection Test Kit. Note: This reagent can stain surfaces and skin, it is advised to use both Protective Gloves and Bench Protector when performing this test.


Everything you need to keep your salt water pool clear and beautiful.


Replacement reagent 2 for the Salt Detection Test Kit.


Bench Protector x 6


Six (6) pieces of Bench Protection Sheet, incorporating a plastic backed paper layer. These are particularly useful for protecting the surface where you are performing any of the Salt Detection Tests. The Salt Detection reagent has a staining quality and this material protects against any spills soaking through and staining household surfaces or poolside equipment.


Protective Gloves in a 12 pair pack, particularly useful for the staining reagent in the Salt Detection Test Kit.


Salt Viewing Tube


Replacement Chlorine Viewing Tube from the Salt Detection Test Kit.


A carefully prepared water sample (30mL) with 4000ppm of Salt for ensuring the Salt Detection Test reagents are working correctly.


Finally an Australian produced and locally available Salt Detection Test Kit!