Test Kit Compatibility Chart – Clear Choice Labs & Taylor Technologies

Many people have asked us whether our kits are compatible with other pool test kits commonly available in Australia, and so we have produced this compatibility chart. Our reagents are 100% compatible with the range of Taylor reagents, found in kits such as the Taylor K-2006 Test Kit, K-2006C Test Kit, K-2005, K-2005C, and K-1000 series, along with the rest of their K series kits. Our Chlorine kit is a FAS-DPD kit, which is a similar chemistry to the Taylor K-1515-A test. This means that if you’re currently using Taylor pool test kits and want to migrate to our kits, you can do so without wasting any of your current products!

One great feature of the Clear Choice Labs test kit family, is that we avoid the confusingly large range of kits some companies have, by selling just the things you need, in plain language.  We have just two Total Test Kits, and you only have to know if your pool is Saltwater or Freshwater – the kit comes with everything you need. If you only want to test one thing, then our small kits (such as the Chlorine kit) are named after exactly what they test.

And you can get every part of our kits individually without having to buy a whole new kit. We strive to stay true to our motto of Simple, Accurate, Fast.

We’d be happy to answer any questions, just drop us an email at [email protected].


Reagent Name Reagent Name Compatibility Reagent Name Compatibility
Chlorine Test
Chlorine Detection Powder R-0870 Full C-0201 Full
Chlorine Detection Reagent R-0003 Full Not supplied with this kit (3)
Chlorine Titrating Reagent R-0871 Full C-0202 Compatible
pH Test
pH Detection Reagent R-0014 Not Compatible (1) C-0101 ?
pH Detection Reagent R-0004 Full (1) C-0101 ?
Cyanuric Acid (CYA) Test
CYA Detection Reagent R-0013 Full C-0501 Not Compatible
Total Alkalinity (TA) Test
Total Alkalinity Buffer R-0007 Full C-0301 ?
Total Alkalinity Detection Reagent R-0008 Full (2) C-0302 ?
Total Alkalinity Titrating Reagent R-0009 Full C-0303 ?
Calcium Hardness (CH) Test        
Calcium Hardness Buffer R-0010 Full C-0401 ?
Calcium Detection Reagent R-0011L Full (2) C-0402 ?
Calcium Titrating Reagent R-0012 Full C-0403 ?
Salt Test
Salt Detection Reagent R-0630 Compatible ? ?
Salt Titrating Reagent R-0718 Compatible ? ?



  1. The pH solutions R-0004 and R-0014 are the same chemical, but at different concentrations to suit different comparators. Depending on which comparator you are using, either reagent may work for you if you adjust the number of drops.
  2. Note that the drop size in our bottles are about 3/4 of the size of the Taylor reagents, but our chemical concentration is the same. Therefore, the number of drops to use in the Taylor tests should be increased compared to their instructions.
  3. We have tested our Chlorine Detection Reagent against the NQ-100, and can confirm that we can use this reagent to add combined chloramine detection to this kit.