Illness – back shortly

So after a month of chaos and travel I got sick and spent a couple days in bed and thought I got through it. However it’s back and it’s brought reinforcements. It’s nothing serious just my dodgy sinuses.

Store will reopen on November 7th.

There’s a backlog of orders which we will get out asap this week. I have to rely on human helpers because my Jack Russell is refusing to assist with the orders. So called mans best friend :P

If you have already ordered something, it’s coming as soon as I can. I am hoping to have the entire backlog in the post by Thursday Nov 3rd at the latest. Intentions vs infections, lets see who wins this round.

I really appreciate your patience. Small business and scheduling chaos don’t mix well and I can’t thank all of you enough.

In the meantime if anyone knows a good netflix series that I can watch from a sideways bed position and still understand while sleeping through 80% of it, let me know.

Stay safe and get ready for pool time!