Price updates & exciting Chlorine news!

Just in case I hadn’t noticed the cost of living going up, all of my suppliers have raised their prices substantially in the last two months. But there is good news. Good news I hear you say?

Good news everyone!

Our Chlorine Titrating reagent in the 50ml bottle is remaining the saaaaaaame price as last year. This is because we’ve perfected our very own super special Australian formulation with extra drop bear sweat! Making our own means we’re not reliant on overseas supply and shipping costs and delays. It also means even with bottles and labels and chemicals going up in price locally, we’re able to produce a quality product without raising the price.

The price and supply readiness of these chlorine titrating supplies and their components from overseas has been a problem for the Labs over the years. We’ve invested a lot of time and money over the last three years into developing our own formula and perfecting it for the Australian/NZ market. I’m extremely proud of the team effort behind the scenes here to get this ready for you all, and it’s already out in the wild there helping people keep their pools pristine.

We’re also keeping a few other products at the same prices, especially gloves and bench protectors which go into every Total Salt kit. Anything we can do to help pool peeps relax.

The salt titrating reagent is the one I’d like to mention as one I’ve had to raise in price more than I’d like, this is due to the cost of silver nitrate. Good grief Silver Nitrate has gone up in price in the last couple years. You’d think it was made out of a precious metal or something. We buy ours from proper chemical suppliers within Australia to ensure compliance with safety regulations, and to ensure we only put reliable quality components into our kits. It’s definitely worth it but it doesn’t make it cheap.

Keep enjoying your pool and have a great summer!