October 2022 shipping schedule

Hi everybody!

For the remainder of October the shipping schedule will be a slightly disrupted one where I ship orders as and when I can. All the orders that built up over the short break will be mailed as promised on the 17th. After that date the orders will be a little more sporadic for the next couple weeks.

Unfortunately I’ve had a personal matter come up which is going to take me away from Brisbane for a few days at a time over the rest of October. FYI I’m fine, I’m helping some friends. I’ll just be too far away from the Lab to be able to commit to shipping on our usual schedule. I’m anticipating at least one day per week where I’ll be back in Brissy shipping orders, so you shouldn’t be waiting too long.

I tried training my Jack Russell up on packing and shipping the orders, but he started chewing one of the boxes and also can’t read. So I reckon it’s just easier this way. We’ll be back to the usual operations before November starts.

I’ve been running the Labs for a while now and I’m not joking when I say our customers are the best, so I know you’ll all be understanding. But if you do have any questions about your order status don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected].

Also email me if you have any sure fire ways to teach Jack Russells to read, preferably in under a week. Oh and to use a printer. I can build him a little step so he can reach it, that’s no problem.

Thanks, Brett