Christmas & New Year Shipping period

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone!

As today is December 20th 2017 we are letting you know that orders from now until Jan 3rd may not be posted as quickly as usual! We of course welcome all new orders in this period, but please be aware due to Australia Post, Christmas public holidays, and our own forthcoming overdosing on ham and rumballs we may not be able to get your order in the post asap. If you order between now and Jan 3rd we will still be packing and shipping those orders, but we can’t guarantee our normal speedy service. Orders will be express shipped as usual though, so you will receive them as quickly as humanly possible once Australia Post opens.

We’ve had some orders this morning, they will be filled today and shipped out. So if you have something in the queue with us already, they’re not effected by this schedule change. Thanks for your understanding over this very busy period.

Shipping schedule returns to its normal speed January 3rd 2018. Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year period around the water. I hope your pools and spas are all looking and feeling amazing this year, and continue that way into the next!

Brett @ Clear Choice Labs.