2021 Plan

Hi Everyone! Welcome to 2021. It’s already been an eventful year here in Brisbane, I assume it’s getting everything out of the way quick so the rest of the year can be very uneventful! Quick update on the plan for the Labs 2021 but as with last years planning going so off kilter for everyone, take this as a draft guess rough idea.

Postage The cost of postage when buying one or two items has been mentioned by a few people, and I completely agree. It’s a pretty costly exercise mailing a small bottle of reagents around Australia, and I’ve already investigated cheaper options.

As I find new postage companies and options I’ve been giving them a try. I’ve got a couple parcels in the wild currently with a major player after trying them some years ago with no luck – if they have improved as much as the grapevine suggests they might be a go.

Price Changes?- I don’t anticipate any at this stage – there are some economies of scale the Labs have been able to achieve as our sales grow. As much as I love money I’m always tweaking things to keep the kits prices down as that’s a huge goal for me.

Mid-Year Break – Winter is a quieter time in the Labs so this year I’m going to take a couple weeks off and work on some renovations and other projects. I’ll post closer to the time, but all it means is you’ll be able to order as normal, but things won’t ship until my break is over. At the moment it looks like a couple weeks in May.

Suggestion box! Some of you might have noticed a suggestion box in the ordering process now, I added it to hear what you like or dislike about the ordering experience and website. I’ve had some great feedback and hilariously sarcastic notes from some of you smartarses. I don’t always read them straight away but I do get to them eventually. Also feel free to email me suggestions, I cannot stress enough how many business improvements have come from people emailing me their notes!

3D Printables – For those who don’t know I’m a huge nerd and I love any excuse to tinker with my 3d printer. It’s currently in three seperate boxes because I’m upgrading a lot of it as it’s a couple years old now. I’m going to use that printer downtime to finally model up a printable kit insert, tube holder, and a few other things. I’ve got my hands on a Taylor kit so I’ll make something for their gear as well.

I won’t be selling them through the site, this will be more for hobbyist 3d printer people to download and print. But any STL files I make I’ll be putting online for free so keep an eye out. I’m a terrible amateur at 3d modelling so if they work out at all then that’ll be amazing.

Lets see how it goes this time around. Happy New Year!


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