What happened to the salt tests?

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We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the Salt Water Testing kits and where they disappeared to. We are happy to report that the Salt Water Kits and salt tests on the site will be returning before the end of November. With express shipping this means you’ll have them all set for summer.

The Total Water Test Kit for Salt Water Pools comprise of all the same chemicals and tests that a fresh water pool requires, with the addition of a vital piece of equipment – namely a Hydrometer. The Hydrometer measures salt levels in the water in ppm (parts per million) and is your defence against having too much salt in your pool which can stress or even damage the salt water generator (SWG) in the pool. We had sourced Hydrometers from a third party, however thanks to the keen eye of some helpful Clear Choice Labs customers and some investigative science by our own Dr Sparkle, it was discovered that over time these hydrometers could fall out of calibration.

Obviously, this had to be resolved, but our calls to third party suppliers were met with varying responses. Unfortunately, none of the responses we received lived up to the levels of service and quality of equipment we expect for our customers. Eventually it was decided that if nobody would build a better hydrometer, we would do it ourselves. Dr Sparkle, being a keen scientist and part time pool water magician, spent countless hours in our Clear Choice Labs work area until this new hydrometer was ready.

The Clear Choice Labs Hydrometer is completely unique, designed and developed in house to meet the specific toughness of Aussie and Kiwi pool life. It doesn’t use batteries, it’s hardy, and it’s dead simple to use. We know you’re going to love them and we can’t wait to launch them!

We are in the final stages of production, packaging and preparing the Hydrometer for our customers, and so we will have them available for sale very soon. Why not join our Facebook group to be among the first to know when they’re available to buy, or you can Email us and we’ll send you a reminder.