Springing into our Third Summer!

Blue Water Pool

The Labs here are getting ready for our third summer season! We’ve come a long way over the past few years with thanks to all of our friends and customers out there. We are more pleased than ever to start another pool season delivering the best Water Testing Kits for all our fabulous Australian and NZ customers. Of course, technically we’re only about to enter Spring but no one told the climate up here. Clear Choice Labs are based in Queensland, so you can imagine why we love our pools! “Winter Heatwave” is so mean when we only get two weeks of winter each year at the best of times.

Pool kits are still on sale, but this will finish before the end of August so get in quick.

Total Pool Water Testing Kit, Salt Water

and our Fresh Water version as well if you’re not using Salt in your pool.

Total Pool Water Testing Kit, Fresh Water

If your pool has greened up over winter, get a SLAM going with some quick Chlorine testing

Chlorine FAS-DPD 3-in-1 Kit

The support from our customers has been enormous and we enjoy being able to help you get the very best from their pools and spas. We have been hard at work over the winter break putting together some updates to the kits – mainly packaging and accessories based on feedback from many of you. We aim to make the kits easier to use, last longer, and lower the learning curve for new people. Having walked more than a few beginners through the process this year it can be quite daunting for some. But when they see how easy it is and how wonderful their pool looks, it all becomes clear to them ;)

Thanks for your ongoing support and ideas and for being such great people to make products for. Looking forward to Springing into Summer!