Total Kits Out of Stock – Temporarily!

If you’ve hit the store today wanting to spruce up your pool with the help of one of our Total Testing Kits you’ll have found they are out of stock! Don’t worry this is only temporary. We have made a couple changes to the back end processes in the labs, designed to make sure we have all the best kits and can keep up with the demand over summer. This week we are putting them into action and we’ll be back really soon with all your Total Summer needs.

We still have stock of every reagent, accessory and great testing product you could ever need. If you’re after a kit in the meantime a limited selection of our “Small Kits” are available, for testing specific levels such as Chlorine, pH, CYA and more. All of these kits are identical to the individual tests in the Total Testing Kits and the reagents are interchangeable, so you can always upgrade later to a full kit and continue to use the reagents in these small kits as well. We love making no-waste and no unnecessary costs products for you!

Keep an eye on the site for updates when the Total Testing Kits are back.


Chlorine FAS-DPD 3-in-1 Kit

Rapid pH Test Kit

CYA Detection Kit