CYA Tests staying clear? Contact us please.

Hello Clear Choice Labs friends!

This notice is regarding the 50ml CYA Detection Reagent which is included in our test kits and sold individually.

We recently had an issue with a small batch of CYA Detection Reagent in the 50ml bottles. Some customers reported their testing would result in a completely clear mixture of CYA Detection Reagent and Pool Water (or the included Standard). In some cases this would occur spontaneously, even after previous testing had been successful. This failure was due to a fault in the production of the reagent, which is being investigated. We have sourcing a reagent from a third party and will begin replacing failed reagents as soon as we are satisfied with the replacement reagent. This should be ready before Feb 15th, 2018.

If you have had this issue occur, please contact us via email so we can replace your reagents free of charge. Please accept our genuine apologies for this happening, we have worked hard to ensure that our kits are reliable, value for money, and easy to use. That a reagent has failed after being shipped to customers is very disappointing for us, as we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and making the purchase of test kits quick and simple. We cannot thank all of you enough for the patience and understanding we’ve had from our customers during this experience.

As above, please contact us via email and we will replace your reagent free of charge. There is no need to provide order numbers, batch numbers, or return any product, simply let us know your name and we’ll find your order.