Stock Shortages and a Solution

Check out the chemistry pun in the title!

We are out of stock of Chlorine Powder, which is a very important part of the kits. Due to circumstances beyond our control, a component of this recipe has become hard to source and particularly from any companies inside Australia. We are importing some and it is on its way though so not long to wait. We are working on getting a closer and therefore faster source for our reagents.

As part of our commitment to the pool scene we are investigating future options including contracts with local manufacturers, local sources, and the development of our own manufacturing process for this Chlorine reagent. In case you’re curious about the back end workings of the Australian pool chemistry scene, well over 90% of our kit is sourced locally and we have reliable companies we work with for our chemicals, bottles, and other bits and pieces. Unfortunately all of our channels are having shortages of some chemicals we require so we have had to go overseas in 2018.

We are working with local companies to have a stronger supply chain built up by the beginning of Summer, so we can continue to grow and keep up with Australian pools! As well as Kiwi pools, once they see some sunlight over there. Thank you for being the best customers ever, and helping us deliver better pools for everyone!