Minor adjustments to shipping schedule

Australia Post has announced price rises as of October 1st 2018, we are pleased to announce that we will not be passing these on to customers, so our postage costs for you will remain the same. Our free shipping threshold also remains unchanged.

One small change to our posting schedule, we no longer post packages on Fridays – due to these being held unecessarily over the weekend in unknown postal facilities at random temperatures. Any orders placed on Friday, or Thursday afternoon after we’ve packed orders for the day, will be held and shipped on the Monday. We’re doing this to avoid the possibility of parcels being held for two to three days in unsuitable storage conditions. We haven’t had specific instances that we can pinpoint on weekend warehouse storage, but we’re constantly looking at these ways to improve kit longevity and reliability. Also, whilst our kits are designed for Australia and so this shouldn’t matter, we feel the minor delay is worth the significant benefit of knowing the kit is stored properly for as long as possible.

Due to the way Aus Post works, if you ordered on Thursday evening, the earliest the parcel would arrive would be Monday. Under the new schedule, it’ll be Tuesday. But, it will definitely be stored properly for the weekend instead of potentially being left in a warmed up warehouse.

Hopefully this doesn’t cause inconvenience, and we look forward to another summer of great pools with you all!