Kits out of Stock

UPDATE: 19th October 2018
We have a limited supply of the missing reagent available and so all kits (Total and Small kits) are back online available for purchase.

Thanks again for your patience and being such wonderful customers to work for!


Hello all!

You may have noticed we are out of stock on the Total Pool Kits for freshwater and saltwater. Getting new stock is priority one for us and we will have new stock asap.

We currently have one missing reagent, the ever elusive Chlorine Detection Powder. The problem at the moment is two fold, firstly we sold out of chlorine detection powder at a significant rate in September, leading to our supplies running out before replacements had arrived. Secondly, our replacements have been held up somewhere in Sydney for two weeks now. The parcel people are pointing at customs, which makes sense given it’s a chemical powder.

We had ordered more to avoid any stock shortages, but due to very high sales this year and the hold ups with getting the products in from the US, we’ve had to pull our kits briefly from sale.

If you would like to be emailed as soon as the product goes online, you can email [email protected] and we will notify you.

Thank you for your patience, again this is our priority one to get new stock for our wonderful customers!