Stock is Back & Christmas shipping

We have Chlorine reagents and the Total Kits are back! Here’s hoping we have enough to get us through the summer now as we’ve had a bigger order land. Still waiting for the biggest one ever to clear customs, but we’re definitely stocked up for Christmas.

If you order by Wednesday December 19th we will get your parcel out by Express Post and it should arrive by Christmas (AusPost and Santa willing of course!).

Any orders placed from the 20th to 26th we won’t mail until the 27th of December because it’ll just sit in a warm sorting shed somewhere and that’s no good for your kits. Even though we’re not shipping we’re still working, so contact us via email any time over the Christmas period and we’ll help you out with your pool test questions anyway we can.

You can still order over the break as well because we don’t give our poor webserver computer any time off! So be sure to tell Santa about our kits if he misses putting one in your stocking.

Thank you for all of your support and kind words this year, and here’s to another summer of clear water and great pools!