Christmas & New Years Orders

It’s that time of year again, by which I mean summer! Also Christmas and New Years ;) Let’s talk about shipping which is all any online shop is talking about at the momentt.

Shipping Dates. 
Ordered by end of Dec 19th – Shipped on Dec 20th.
Dec 20th – 26th – Shipped on Dec 27th/28th depending on the Post Office opening days.
Dec 27th onwards – Shipped as normal.

For New Years, I think our local post offices close only on New Years day, so any orders shouldn’t be delayed by more than a day or two during that period.

This year has been pretty hectic with the shortage of chlorine reagents (which I’ve since found out is impacting US stores as well, with Taylor having manufacturing issues and delays themselves!) so I can’t thank you all enough for your support in 2018.

2019 promises to be very exciting and I can’t wait to continue bringing you all the best pool testing kits in the country!  Keep up to date with us here or on our facebook page