2018 – 2019 Summer Season Update

A huge thank you to all our customers over the 2018-2019 Summer season – it was our biggest one yet and we were able to help more people than ever have the cleanest, easiest, smartest pool in the street!

2019 is shaping up to be another big year in the Labs backend. We have already tested new suppliers and made a couple of formula improvements to help our reagents survive Australias unpredictable temperatures. This year we’re also working with a great group for website improvements to make purchasing and after-sales customer service faster and easier. More on that during winter.

As 2019-2020 approaches we will most likely have price changes on some lines after we’ve managed to hold the price of kits and postage steady for 2 years. Unfortunately shipping to and from the labs is a cost that increases outside our control every year. Naturally we’ll keep changes as low as possible to continue our commitment to being not only the best kits in Australia, but also the most affordable!

The only thing that never changes around here is how great our customers are to work for. I’ve had hundreds of questions, suggestions and just plain thanks come in via email and social media this year. Every one of them has been a great reminder of how much fun it is to work for you all. I am super excited for the next year and all the years after that.

Thanks everyone, and keep enjoying the water!