Price Changes

As mentioned in an article posted back in March, we are adjusting the prices on some items this year to account for the general rise in costs of importing chemicals, but also the costs of shipping internally in Australia. Our prices last changed in 2017.

Probably the biggest change is the free shipping amount has been changed to $60. If you buy a Chlorine kit and any other kit, you will reach this amount and as many of our customers buy 2-3 small kits at a time we thought this would be a good compromise. This allows us to keep offering free shipping and as it is Express Shipping with Australia Post and parcel tracking, we definitely wanted to be able to continue it.

Australia Post is an amazing service, and one I personally support 100%. For anywhere between $9 and $15 I can ship a decent sized parcel into even the most remote parts of Australia. And we all know Australia’s a very big place, so that’s good value. We have had to raise the price of shipping by $1 to $8, but if you buy above a certain amount it’s still FREE. We send over 98% of our parcels by Express post, and the vast majority of people receive them within 48 hours of placing an order especially on the East Coast.

Over the next few days prices will increase on some products in store, but these will be minor increases at best, no more than a couple percent. From a price point alone I still believe we offer the best value kit in Australia by a significant margin. From a quality, service and good looks perspective we are naturally unbeatable!

Looking forward to the 2019-2020 Summer season with all of you wonderful people and your amazing pools!