Stock Delays – October 2019

Hello everyone!

Many many apologies but we’re having a shortage of stock. Well I say stock, I mean bottles and boxes. I have every chemical, mixture, concoction, potion and tincture (sorry, Halloween is coming) but we were shipped the wrong bottles. Not once, but twice. So whilst all that was happening we’ve run out of our current stock of bottles and boxes.

Everything should be here this week (ending October 11th) but in the meantime please be aware there may be a delay in shipping. Orders currently in the system will be sent out asap, but any orders from October 8th onwards may have longer delays until the correct bottles arrive.

Last year we managed to lock in sources for all of our chemicals and reagents from reliable local and overseas companies, so I was very optimistic about this Summer season. Once I find a consistent bottle manufacturer maybe it’ll be all smooth sailing? Just kidding, as a small business owner I know a funny joke when I see one :D

Here’s hoping your pool is treating you well, and don’t worry we’ll have the best test kits in Australia out to you as soon as humanly possible!