Titrating Reagent update – setting a sales record again

Happy post-Halloween sugar rush!

At time of writing this blog post there are no Total kits available in the shop, because we’ve run out entirely of Chlorine Titrating Reagent. We have more on the way – but at the moment it’s 50/50 that we may run out again in November.

I had some chlorine reagent leave Canada bound for merry old Oz and it’s already landed in Sydney and is currently being looked over by the customs folks. I get pretty decent updates from the electronic systems these days, so I know it’s in the customs offices and most of the way out the other side. Fingers crossed!

I will of course post to socials when we get more for sale – facebook being the main place other than right here on the website.

We’ve set a sales record this October – our highest month of sales since the business began! This is amazing because the other records have all been consistently set in January which makes sense really. But October! Also it’s my birthday in October so I have had the best present in setting that record. Thank you so much to all our amazing customers which is all of you because you’re all fabulous!

Also I have eaten waaaaaay too much sugar this weekend at “Halloween parties” which is my way of saying I ate all the halloween lollies this year instead of giving them out because we didn’t have a halloween display due to “you know what” and now oh god I feel sick and satisfied at the same time. My wife made cake that looked like intestines (she did it deliberately, unlike when I make sweet things, I’m a mean savoury cook but cakes not my skill) and friends made radioactive green pasta and rat meatloaf. Disgusting and delicious. Highly recommended.

Sugar crash in 3, 2….. *snore*