Slight changes to the gloves

As you know here at Australia’s best and also most colour coordinated test kit maker, we like to keep things standardised. And fashionable. So over the years we’ve brought in blue bench protectors and colour labelled our boxes, and found a supplier of some lovely blue gloves.

Just so you know, every time I am packing the blue gloves or wearing them I always follow my wife around the house quoting this line from Firefly.

ANYWAY on to less creepy pool kit news. The weirdness that is 2020 continues, and due to the pandemic it has become impossible to get these blue gloves from that manufacturer. The importer simply isn’t bringing them in at the moment because the manufacturers have increased the price – apparently by over 300%. Good job if you can get it.

So the bad news is that we’re using whatever suitable gloves we can get our hands on (pun intended) but they’re unlikely to be fashionably matched to the kit colours. Boring. So for all of you using our kits as part of your fashion week displays we can only apologise :P

The good news is that we’re able to find other gloves in the same sort of price ranges so far, and so the price of our kits is unchanged.

The other good news is for my very patient wife who won’t hear that Firefly reference for a while. So she’ll only hear other Firefly references, Simpsons quotes, and whatever terrible pun pops into my head.

Fozzie is my spirit animal