August 2021 – looking forward to summer!

It’s August and that means getting ready for summer here at the Labs! We are in a lockdown (who isn’t right now though) and so I’m making reagents and tinkering with bottles. I’m super excited for some changes we’re making this year, and also 100% anxious about making sure our kits are the best in town.

Some changes this year that’ll be up on the website over the next few weeks.

  1. Replacement tubes for the SmartStirs – they’re a slightly larger diameter than our viewing tubes so they’ll fit the SmartStirs more snuggly. Photos, prices, etc to come.
  2. Bulk options for some reagents – you asked and we answered. We will start with CYA reagent and move from there. I’ve been analysing sales volumes to try to figure out what people use more of, and pH detection reagent is the next big demand. I’d not predicted that one!
  3. New prices. Unfortunately in the upward direction. I’m holding off as long as possible but the increase in shipping costs, the USD exchange upping the costs of imported items I need, and the general costs of running the Labs has been going up and up.

    The BIG one!
  4. New Bottles! Wait did you read that right? Yes you did. There will be new bottles appearing in kits over summer, along with some updated test documentation. If you get some of these please let me know how they work, especially if there’s any issues whatsoever. There’s only so much testing we can do in the Lab and putting them in the hands of our amazing customers is the best way to give them a good run.

Even kpop idols think our kits are great*
*totally 100% believable endorsement

Suga would probably use our kits if he had a pool to manage, right?
August, Agust. It’s a stretch but that’s never stopped me before.