Kits out of Stock – October 26th Update

Hello All!
Disappointingly a large shipment of chlorine kit reagents has been delayed and potentially lost during shipping. The packages reached Australia and then during the move from ship to Customs, have vanished from everyones records. We are in talks with both sides to have them found and delivered but it’s a slow process. Our Chlorine reagents should be for sale online by mid-November, but I will update as we know more.

We have been shipping chemicals long enough to know this might happen, so we ordered three lots of reagents from various supply channels apart from this larger first shipment. The 2nd shipment arrived in October and we’ve sold out of those reagents as of yesterday. The third shipment was delayed in the US and is on its way now – due Mid-November.

To avoid this in future, we’ve been working with an Australian based chemical import specialist. That process is moving very well, and I’ve had confirmation that a quite large amount of chlorine reagent is already on its way through their vastly more reliable channels. So, I really do hope this is the last kit outage we’ll have. I’ll update as we know more, but at this stage mid-November is a likely time to have kits online.

If you would like to know as soon as they’re available, you can email me directly, or join our facebook group for notification.