Stock Level update – November 16th 2018

Hi Everyone,

We have run out of Chlorine reagents for the kits, and the ones that should have been here last month are still in Customs. The emergency ones that did arrive last month and this month have all sold out in record times, and the third emergency batch is currently en route from the US. I expect to have stock available by the end of November.

Currently we have two large orders and one smaller order on their way from three seperate companies. We have done this to ensure we have some supply asap, even though it comes at an increased cost for us ordering from more expensive suppliers. Clear pools are too important to us for us to leave Australian pools high and dry!

We have a rolling shipment coming from a local Australian importer and the first delivery from them should be available by December 1st. After that we’ll have an ongoing supply of reagents and hopefully won’t have any more stock shortages. I can’t wait! In the meantime, all of our reagents are available, apart from the Chlorine Detection Powder 10gm, and Chlorine Titrating Reagent 50ml.

Thank you all for your patience and kind words during this shipping delay, it really is great having such wonderful customers to work for!