Christmas 2019!

In the lead up to Christmas this year, orders will be fulfilled by a special guest, the Clear Choice Labs Christmas Elf! I have been called away for two weeks on short notice, so our extremely important Elf will be looking after the labs until I get back.

What does this mean for you?

December 7th to 22nd – Kit and Total Kit Orders will be filled as normal. Kits in particular (These kits!) are good to go!

Individual Reagents, refills, and accessories – we intend to ship them as usual. However, the Elf is not as highly trained in Pool Kit technology so it may take a few extra days to get everything together. Please allow some extra days for these to arrive.

December 23rd – I will be back on deck to ship any outstanding orders. My local Post Office is open 23rd and 24th, so deliveries will be as quick as AusPost can do them over the Christmas/New Year period.

December 30th onward – Normal shipping and postal service returns.

So the only possible delay and really worst case scenario is you may order an individual reagent etc, and if there’s a total Elf Meltdown (Melfdown?) or a system failure, it won’t be in the post until December 23rd. As I said, we’re hoping to ship as normal so I doubt this delay will occur. I appreciate your patience though if it happens.

2019 has been absolutely huge, and I cannot thank all of you enough for your support. I’ve had such wonderful emails and feedback from clients and 2020 promises to be even bigger.

I hope you all have an amazing December, Christmas, holiday, break and whatever else you have planned. Summer decided to start months ago so lets get out into the water!

Thanks for a brilliant year!