CYA Tests staying clear? Contact us please.

Hello Clear Choice Labs friends! This notice is regarding the 50ml CYA Detection Reagent which is included in our test kits and sold individually. We recently had an issue with a small batch of CYA Detection Reagent in the 50ml bottles. Some customers reported their testing would result in a completely clear mixture of CYA Detection Reagent […]

CYA Tests – Testing Tips!

A client recently had an excellent question, they wondered if we had any photos that demonstrate the disappearing logo in our CYA tests. So now, we do! They wanted a better idea of when exactly the dot has disappeared versus just being hard to see. The CYA test is incredibly subjective and also can be […]

Total Kits are Summer Ready! Buy one now!

The Total Kits are back and better than ever! We have a new kit box liner which holds each part of the test kits individually making it much easier to use. There are also streamlined and improved instructions with tips, general advice and a section for logging your pool test results. This comes in a […]